Bowers Trucking & Logistics

"The ONLY contract carrier in Oklahoma licensed to haul for the Department of Defense"

Our History

Bowers Trucking, Inc. was formed in the early 1960’s by Glen C. Bowers as a carrier branch to service the product and equipment hauling needs for Glen Bowers Sawmill & Lumber Company based out of Fairfax, Oklahoma. At that time, Bowers carried lumber to several large contracts throughout the region; including La-Z Boy Furniture, Pepsi and Coca-Cola Crate Companies and fulfilled several US government orders.

Since that era, Bowers Trucking has up-rooted and moved to Ponca City, Oklahoma. Ultimately, the move has allowed the company to sustain further growth and take on more projects than it ever had opportunity for in previous years. The most significant growth took place under the initial leadership of Ranond Bowers (oldest son of the founder). Ranond bought his way into the company just before the turn of the year 2000 and has retained ownership ever since.

In 2007 Garrett Bowers (son of Ranond) came into the company as a full-time employee to dispatch and maintain fleet health. Over the last decade Garrett was promoted to Vice President and has expanded the operating regions Bowers Trucking conducts business in. Namely, he pushed the fleet into not only consistent services throughout the US, but also introduced the company into conducting hauls into Canada and Mexico within the last few years.

Bowers Trucking has been involved in a wide array of transport services. Our broad image has played a major role in maintaining our company’s strength; we pride ourselves on providing large, timely shipping needs for large and small businesses throughout our country. We are currently licensed for transportation throughout the US, Canada and Mexico, and have provided import and export container services into China and Japan. Our business has been involved in transportation of commodities and flatbed freight for more than 30 years, and we have an immaculate record for safety and service among our governed agencies as well as our customers.

At Bowers Trucking, we like to emit the image of professionalism and pride. We thrive on consistent communication and efficient use of our assets. Our employees have a unique understanding of business needs and what it means to take the extra steps to make sure the job is done safely and correctly.

We ask you to try our services and let us know what you think. We’re confident in our ability to develop route strategies and schedule lanes to efficiently and effectively deliver your products across the continent with the highest customer satisfaction standards.


We are a SOLUTION based network of PEOPLE in a constantly-moving business environment; driven to excel above our competition by providing an unmatched platform of SERVICE, RELIABILITY, and COMMUNICATION.

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